We transform your business into an efficient, profit-generating machine.

  • We eliminate obstacles to your financial success.
  • We give you the ability to use and understand your bottom line.
  • We define financial procedures and best practices.
  • We organize and streamline administrative areas.
Success isn't a one-man or one-woman job. Core Accounting Services is ready to join your team.

Whether you need a consultant, accountant, advisor, or profitability coach, we're poised to build a custom suite of services to fulfill your needs. When you partner with Core Accounting Services you'll discover the benefits of cloud-based operations, and you'll have our certified, tech-focused experts to make the transition seamless.

"I've worked in bookkeeping, accounting, and administrative consulting for more than twenty years. In 2005 I realized I had a unique skillset and decided to establish my own company. Now I use my expertise not only for accounting, but also to help companies transition to the cloud and realize the benefits of strategic streamlining. Helping businesses become more efficient and profitable is enormously fulfilling."

– Christeen Era, Owner, Core Accounting Services

We know it takes discipline and commitment to make a business profitable, and that's why Core Accounting Services is picky about our clients. We want to build relationships with teams dedicated to investing the time and effort profitability requires. We select clients who are as positive and passionate about success as we are.

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The CORE Team:

Christeen Era
Accountant & Owner
Britney Shore
Sara Moncrief

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