What our clients say about us:

When we started our business six years ago, I did all the bookkeeping myself because I couldn't afford not to. When we decided we would open our second retail shop, I knew we would need professional help. Christeen and her team have been indispensable. They are smart, resourceful and trustworthy. Most importantly for me, they are extremely responsive to my frequent and sometimes frantic email requests and questions. This is critical when you're growing quickly. I would recommend Christeen and her team wholeheartedly."
- Erica Perez, Oaktown Spice Shop
Core accounting has been instrumental in transforming the way our company handles its finances. I brought Christeen and her team in to coordinate the transfer of our accounting data from Quickbooks Desktop to Online as well as to tidy up the books. This was a massive undertaking consisting of decades of bank records and invoices while simultaneously rebuilding our chart of accounts to professional standards. Our company is now growing, and it is thanks to Core Accountings help in modernizing our business."
- Rory Trunnell, Current Electric & Lighting Inc.

Our firm has been engaged with Core Accounting Services with Christeen Era for more than four years. I can say that our accounting and other business processes have improved dramatically; our profitability has also improved dramatically.

Christeen has been much more than an accountant to our firm. She has become a valued member of our team and a "partner" in helping us develop our business. She has a special talent in building controls and automating processes through technology. She regularly provides us with consultation on best practices in accounting, but it doesn't stop there. Christeen has been so helpful in improving our operations and strategy. She has been at the forefront in helping us implement a variety of solutions to solve our business challenges.

Perhaps the thing that we appreciate most is that Christeen takes ownership. She gets our work done quickly and accurately. She regularly communicates so that we know what is going on with our several projects. She is always standing by to help us find creative solutions to our challenges. We are so pleased that we found Core Accounting Services and give the highest recommendation for anyone looking to improve their business."

- Jake Lipman, Partner, Lipman & Wolf, LLP
Core Accounting has been providing us with exceptional services for over 5 years. Christeen and her staff are always reliable, consistent, and willing to go the extra mile when anything unexpected comes up."
- Yui Ueno, ICA Fund Good Jobs

Christeen and her staff with Core Accounting Services are truly the best. I have used her team with another company and now with this new business, I will be using her services as well. Her staff are very professional and responds time are very quick when I have a question.

Thank you for your hard work."

- Larry Tang, VP of Sales & Operations, Full Service Events

Christeen and her team with Core Accounting Services have been a blessing for DigitalAVS. When we started with Christeen our books were a mess. Her and her staff worked countless hours to help me be in compliance with the IRS. Now that our books are back in order we will continue to use Core Accounting Services.

Christeen, thank you for everything."

- Larry Tang, VP of Sales & Operations, Digital Audio-Visual Services
For over 5 years, Core Accounting has met the needs of my law firm. I'm not sure what we would do without Christeen and her team."
- Daniel T. Pocklington, Attorney at Law
I have been in business 8 years in my current location. My experience in the restaurant business is 27 years. I switched my bookkeeping to Core Accounting Service at the end of 2016. I changed because Chirsteen has given me solid advice with my POS, bookkeeping, QuickBooks, organization and my expectations of my old accountant. She has gained my trust and respect; I would recommend Core Accounting Service to any business."
- Demitris Kaplanis, Demitris Taverna

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